Wind Atlas & Within Dream's Realm


Swansea Constellation present

Wind Atlas
(Barcelona, Spain – Burka For Everybody Records / Boston Pizza Records)

Wind Atlas from Barcelona, Spain will hit the roads of europe to present their new masterpieces "Lingua Ignota", released by Burka For Everybody. Increasing their members to five (now with drums and synthesizer), Wind Atlas' music has gained in nuances, drifting smoothly from dark dream-pop and new-wave passages (which remind us of Dead Can Dance) to gloomy post-punk atmospheres similar to those of Crispy Ambulance, Durruti Column or In Camera. You don’t have to be a weatherman to know which way Wind Atlas blows, people (down).

This almighty combination of the Galerie KUB and sounds of Wind Atlas will be an amazing trip into another world. Don't miss it.


Within Dream's Realm
(Leipzig, Germany – D.I.Y.)

Within Dream‘s Realm was founded by Christoph Weilbach (O Graceful Musing‘s Burden, Rhythmic Ceremonial Ritual) in 2001. In the beginning the music was run through by darker elements (of metal / gothic music), but soon moved towards more open and minimalistic compositions; these characterise the style of the project still. Various instruments and instrumentations meet up in the sometimes long, sometimes short, sometimes simple, sometimes complex pieces, mostly instrumentals. Within Dream's Realm‘s music can be described as a flavour of intense, fragile, heavy, emotional, melancholic sounds
unconventionally but devotedly joined together… and to grasp this again in the categorising terms of music jargon, it‘d probably be: acoustic / ambient / experimental / instrumental.

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