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Doom over Leipzig Festival 2015: 'Harbingers of Doom' Art Exhibition
. e x h i b i t o n .

(Paris, France – Art Direction & Illustration)

Førtifem is the collaborative work of Adrien Havet and Jessica Daubertes. Both graphic designers since 2007, working in advertising agencies and as freelancers, they decided to join their skills under this common name in 2011 with a focus on illustration and art direction. From this union emerged a style midway between striking tattoo-drawing and detailed ancient engravings.

+ http://www.fortifem.fr/

+ https://www.facebook.com/wearefortifem

Rotten Fantom
(Moscow, Russia – Bleeders of black arts. Illustration addicts. Ink and paper sorcerers.)

Rotten Fantom’s chief idea is to reflect natural forces’ never ending cycle of decay and resurrection. They bridge cosmic gaps between human, beasts and plant worlds researching the borders between life and death in quest for proto-entities behind dead and living matter. Every work of art for them is the result of trance, mystic sacrifice helping to approach the state behind conditions of life and death, future and past, personality and absolute, when all dead and living create the unique canvas of existence. The purpose is to behold Great Spirit’s embroidery on that canvas.

+ http://www.rottenfantom.com/

+ https://www.facebook.com/rottenfantom

Stag & Serpent
(Belfast, Northern Ireland – Artwork by Glyn Smyth.)

Glyn Smyth is a self-taught illustrator, designer and printmaker from Ireland. Whilst his illustration is often associated with underground metal bands, (for whom he has created many album covers, posters and merchandise) his work is chiefly informed by interests in the fields of folklore, myth and magick. His artwork has been featured in several books on illustration as well as in various art, music and esoteric journals. In recent years he has exhibited and sold prints in the UK, Ireland, Europe and the United States. Alongside commissions, he is currently exploring different print techniques & developing a body of new work under the ‘Stag & Serpent’ banner.

+ http://www.stagandserpent.com/

+ https://www.facebook.com/stagandserpent

View From The Coffin
(Treviso, Italy – Quod Scripsi, Scripsi.)

View from the Coffin is the Italian based blackened design project by Raoul Mazzero. Driven by classical aesthetics and musical inspiration his works show how important it is to put passion and focus into what you are doing. From extreme symmetry in his logo designs to the gloomy imagery of his illustrations Raoul creates pieces of art the grasp your attention and pull you down into a cold world of darkness and despair.

+ http://www.viewfromthecoffin.com/

+ https://www.facebook.com/viewfromthecoffin

. p h o t o – e x h i b i t i o n .

(Messancy, Belgium)

When he is not busy printing awesome posters at Forge Edtions or playing in one of his numerous band projects such as Severe, Lord Weeks or Cocaine Piss he is probably somewhere out there again living the dream of a life on the road. Always accompanied by his analogue camera he documents his adventures and the countless amount of travelled kilometres on 35 mm. During exhibitions and through his blog Highway Holidays he gives you a glimpse of what you will miss working your ass off from nine to five in a stuffy office.

+ http://highwayholidays.tumblr.com/

. l i v e – s o u n d – d e s i g n – f e a t u r e .

(Kassel, Germany – Downwards Records / Randfilm)

Working with signs, codes, symbolism, unspoken mantras and minimal frequencies Jan Grebenstein creates a percussive occultism of Noise, Post-Industrial and Drone. After his second EP released in winter 2014 on Downwards Records he has teamed up with Randfilm to create a haunting live-score for the cyberpunk masterpiece “Tetsuo: The Iron Man”.

+ http://grebenstein.tumblr.com/

+ https://www.facebook.com/j.grebenstein

. l i v e – p e r f o r m a n c e .

Lord Weeks
(Messancy, Belgium)

Inspired by musicians like Swans and David Lynch, this is a work for the people who like a little bit of doom and gloom in their acoustic music, names like Timber Timbre and maybe even Nick Cave also come to mind. This is like sitting on a swing as an adult, one half of you wants the sky to kiss your boots while the other half is like: “Fuck, I’m too old for this.” Ruined nostalgia or something like that.

+ http://lordweeks.bandcamp.com/

+ https://www.facebook.com/lordweeksmusic

. l e c t u r e .

'Metal meets Techno' | Remo Bitzi & Samuel Savenberg

Schlägt jetzt, im Jahre Vier nach der Erfindung von Hypnagogic Pop, die Stunde des hypnagogischen Krachs? Acts wie The Haxan Cloak, Oneirogen, Prurient und WIFE begeben sich auf die Suche nach Traumzuständen von neuer, abgründiger Intensität. Ihre Schnittmenge aus Metal, Noise und Techno hat noch keinen Namen, dafür aber eine eindeutige Klangfarbe: Blackest Ever Black.

Remo Bitzi (zweikommasieben Magazin) and Samuel Savenberg (S S S S) will give a lecture about the development and the interaction of Techno and Metal descending music in the past years. Also they will reveal several technical and personal similarities.

+ http://www.zweikommasieben.ch/


. s c r e e n i n g .

At the vernissage of our exhibition on Wednesday, April 8, we are going screen a documentary about our festival in 2014. This documentary was filmed and produced by Julia Leser, Joscha Bauer, and Marcus Held.

+ http://vimeo.com/90969513

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