blauverschiebung no.14

Call for applications for a newcomer program
blauverschiebung no14
International Performance Art Festival Leipzig
- Dates of the live performances: 23./24. July 2021
We need:
- brief description of the proposed work
- Images, if available 
- short CV
You get:
- Fee: 50-100 Euros
- Support in the required material
- Technical support
Send your information to Franziska:
From 10th to 25th July 2021 the performance art festival blauverschiebung will take place in the gallery KUB Leipzig. In addition to invited performance artists, we would like to offer you an extended opportunity to present your performative artwork in the rooms of the KUB gallery. Unlike usual, this year there will be no thematic specification of the festival, but will develop with you and the selected positions. Due to the uncertain facts about showing works with an audience, we can present fewer positions than usual this year. In the course of this, we would like to consider positions for the blauverschiebung 2022 with this announcement too.
! Attention: You need your own sleeping space. In exceptional cases on request via us.
We are very much looking forward to your submissions, to getting to know each other or to seeing you again and we are especially looking forward to a festival with you!
Best regards,
Franziska and Christian

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