Score / PKORP #2


19.06. - 27.06.2021 Mi - So 14 - 20h + Café open

Nothing unexpected happens in the worldwide lockdown. Each day is similar to the previous one. There are no chance encounters, no creative sparks ignited by observing or interacting with a suddenly oh so familiar stranger.
PILOTENKUECHE International Art Program invites artists to work together, influence each other and go astray. ONLINE
the aesthetic “attitude” is restless, searching, testing--- it is less attitude than action : creation and re-creation
Nelson Goodman
Over a six week period, we share our creative energy, collaborate, give feedback, and meet with experts from the fields of performance, video art and writing. We find our own creativity in the work of others and open our thoughts to others to create with.
We are happy to present artworks, produced by PKORP#1, the first online residency of PILOTENKUECHE International Art Program
Catherin Schöberl (DE)
Emily Wisniewski (US)
A. Morgan McKendry (US)
Dalia Kiaupaite (LT)
Galerie KUB
and on zoom
Wer sicher reinkommen möchte sendet eine kleine Anmeldung an! 
Wir dürfen lauf Hygienekonzept 50 Personen Einlass gewähren. Nehmt Rücksicht und haltet Abstand. 

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