THYME is a project built on a synergy of two persons, brother and sister, and two instruments from different times and musical worlds, yet they complement each other with respect and appreciation. Inspired by the experience of playing in a symphonic orchestra, folklore ensemble, just as much as listening to ambient and experimental music composers of the 20th century, the 20 minutes and 28 seconds long electro-acoustic composition uses the sound of a traditional instrument joined by an electronic soundscape that carries movement and physicality rather than clear structure or melody. The latter is present too, though – here the cimbalom is played in a way that combines traditional skills with personal emotion and unique artistic expression, creating an altogether stimulating piece of contemporary music.

Thyme composition written by Martin Dominik Kratochvíl and Johana Klára Kratochvílová. Final part sample originally produced by DirtyK Existiciation Johana K. Kratochvílová – cimbalom Martin D. Kratochvíl – samples, processing Recorded and produced by Martin D. Kratochvíl. Mixed by Martin Dlabaja and Martin D. Kratochvíl. Mastered by Ondřej Ježek at Jámor Studio. Artwork by Lukáš Prokop

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